Finish mowers

Every lawn mower available today is built to perform different jobs. A standard push mower is made for relatively smaller use around the yard. The ease of use, maintenance, storage, and cost makes it ideal for residential buyers. Deck sizes vary from 21 inches to 72 inches depending on the product. Commercial mowers such as 72 inch deck Zero Turns are designed for every day use on large properties. They are designed to handle much more abuse and workloads than a standard 21 inch deck push mower. While both hold their value, you need to purchase the one that is ideal for your own situation.

Commercial size mowers are called Rotary mowers in the industry. Rotary mowers spin the blade at 700 spins per minute. They are ideal for quick-professional looking cuts. Rotary mowers are available in walk behind and riding mowers. The prices can climb very high depending on the type of mower you purchase.

For people who own farms, pastures, etc.

Rotary pull behind mowers, called Finish Mowers, are ideal. And the best part is, they are useable with your already existing tractor. Any tractor that has the standard hitch attachment can pull a finish mower. If your tractor does not have a standard hitch, you can purchase one for a small price. Basically, finish mowers are heavy duty machinery that pulls behind a tractor and cuts your grass with speed and precision.

The decks on finish mowers can range from 54 inches to 72 inches. They cut with the rotary speeds and are durable in some of the most sever conditions. With regular maintenance, finish mowers can last 10 plus years depending on the severity of use. Category 1 and category 2 tractors can pull finish mowers with no problems.

Finish Mowers

A little bit more about finish mowers.

Finish mowers have two types of discharge. The rear discharge, and the side discharge. If you would like your grass clippings to be distributed evenly among the area than a rear discharge is the way to go. The side discharge tens to clump and leave behind what appears to be a 'cut hay' effect. However, the side discharge makes cleaning up the clippings much easier and quicker if the need arises.

Finish mowers are built with four rubber tires, which provide stability and an even cut. Height adjustments are about as easy as a regular push mower. And more than likely you can find a finish mower to compliment the color of your existing tractor.