How to mow the lawn and return the perfect looking cut?

Most would say, start your lawn mower and just cut the grass. If you don't want the look of a Professional Cut Lawn, sure, go ahead. If you want a Professional Looking Lawn, read on.

Keep the blades sharp.

Keeping your lawn Mower Blades Sharp is one of the most important things for lawn care. If your blades are dull or nicked, you have the chance of missed patches popping up. Dull blades will also rip the grass. Causing discoloration and sometimes death in your lawn. Sharp Blades Insure a Clean Cut without tear, without patches, and a professional looking lawn after each cut. Make sure you keep the blades sharp. If you keep the blades sharp you ensure a beautiful cut.

Don't walk on grass about to be cut.

Don't walk on the grass about to cut. Walking on the grass flattens it and results in missed spots where you walked.

Start from the outside and work your way in.

Start from the outside of your lawn. Mow the outside parameter twice following the curves and tree lines. Once you have the outside set with two mows, it is time to move to the inside with straight lines. Every time you cut your lawn make sure to reverse the direction you start with the outside.

Circle the trees.

Whenever I cut a lawn, if I come across a tree, I do at least three circles around the tree before mowing on in my regular direction.

Alternate your patterns.

Grass can be trained, kind of like hair. Alternate your cutting directions to make sure that the grass does not begin to grow in one direction.

Rotary mowers or reel mowers?

Rotary Mower or Reel Mower? This is an ancient argument. Most people agree that a reel mower provides the best cut. However, a rotary mower that is well maintained and used right can provide the same results. Either way, with the right care you can achieve excellent results.

Follow the tips.

These simple tips can have your neighbor's and you start to think you pay top dollar to have your lawn cared for. Direct them this way and let them learn the tricks of the trade as well.

Professional Lawn Care

Lego Services provides Professional Lawn Care for Altoona and surrounding areas. If you want your lawn looking perfect, give us a call for a free estimate.