Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass

Common Bermuda Grass is drought resistant, grows on many soils, and makes a good turf if fertilized and mowed right. Common Bermuda grass produces many unsightly seed heads, but in spite of this fault, it frequently is used on home lawns due to the ease and economy of establishment. Common Bermuda may be planted from either seed or sprigs and with intensive management will provide a High Quality Turf. However, the newer hybrid Bermuda's are generally far superior. In Australia, Bermuda grass is known as Couch grass.

Bermuda grass is also a major Turf Species for Sports Fields, Parks, Golf Courses, and general Utility Turf's. It is found in over 100 countries throughout the tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

Bermuda Turf Grass

Bermuda prefers full sun, drought resistant, can withstand heavy traffic. Can easily be planted from grass seed (although it was once only grown from sod and the new seed varieties are not as fine bladed as the sodded varieties). One of the South's favorites grass types. Grows in tropical, subtropical and transition zone areas. Found extensively on lawns, golf courses, sporting fields and coast areas.

Bermuda turns brown with the first drop in temperature. There are more cold tolerant varieties available. In warmer tropical areas, Bermuda retains a beautiful green color year round. This is a very aggressive grass and flower beds or other areas will be quickly overrun if not kept in check. Once established it is very difficult to remove due to its extensive root system.


Is your Bermuda grass healthy?

Bermuda Grass is known for its Thick Lush Lawn that is a pleasure to walk on. However if your grass gets stressed out it might start lacking in the coveted curb appeal we all work so hard to achieve. So lets discuss a couple different areas where your Bermuda Grass might be Struggling to Remain Healthy.

Crunchy Bermuda grass.

If you have some patches or really Dry Bermuda Grass that hurts to walk on, or if you can see the thatch / soil between the burned out shoots of Bermuda. Chances are if you have got some really dry spots in your yard. Depending on the temperature and weather conditions, you may be able to water 1" daily until it is back to normal. If you are experiencing a drought try 1" in the morning and 1" in the evening. If you are having trouble determining an inch, put a tuna can outside - they are normally 1 inch in depth.

Over weeded Bermuda grass.

Another tell tail sign your grass might not be healthy are weeds. Just look at it, do you see a lot of weeds? If you have not implemented a strict weed control regimen into your lawn care routine, maybe it’s time to start. Weeds thrive in soil that is not conditioned to well. If your soil is healthy your grass will be healthy and the weeds will die off. If you’re looking for an organic solution to weed control you might consider broadcast spreading some sugar on your lawn. Otherwise there are several commercial weed control products to help you maintain your lawn.

Seed Head Bermuda

Bermuda Grass that is stressed out will start throwing Seed Heads only a couple of days after mowing. These cause your grass to appear like it needs mowing again but is actually a sign your grass is in distress. This is called Seed Head Bermuda. What I have found is that most lawns are in pretty good shape and only have a couple of patches where seed heads are prevalent. If your lawn is covered in seed heads there are a few reasons to consider. Ensure your lawn is property drained, that you are watering adequately (not too much AND too little), and the most common cause which is low Nitrogen availability. There is also a possibility that your soil needs to be Aerated, or the temperature fluctuations are causing the Seed Heads. Whatever the reason, you will need to have it taken care of quickly before you have more severe problems.

Bermuda Grass Uses?

Bermuda Grass can be used for turf grass if properly cared for. It is a high maintenance turf grass but does provide a beautiful lawn. It is typically used on golf courses and some athletic fields.

Bermuda Grass Gold Course