Sprinkler Repair

The basics.

While you are working on your garden or lawn, your sprinkling system is a big deal to make sure your plants are getting enough water. If something seems to go wrong and break in your sprinkler system, you typically get worried about how much money it is going to cost to have some one come out and fix it. Worry no more, because right here is all the information you need to fix a few problems with your sprinkler's by yourself! Your sprinkler repair is a lot easier than you think it is, and that is about to be proven.

Trouble with the head?

If you are having troubles with your pop up sprinkler head such as, it will not go back down into the ground, or it is spraying a geyser instead of normally, it may be time to replace it. The first step of replacing your sprinkler head is to dig a small area around your sprinkler head. When doing this be sure you are extra careful so you do not cut through the water line thats runs to your head. Use a small hand shovel to remove the dirt and soil about three inches around the sprinkler head. Place all the dirt in a nice pile where it will not get spread out. Once all the dirt is removed, you will see a small pipe which goes into the sprinkler head. Unscrew the sprinkler head off of this pipe, however make sure dirt does not fall into the pipe because it is connected to your water line. After you have taken it off, go to your nearest hardware store and purchase a head sprinkler head exactly like yours. Someone will be there to help you choose the right one, and also grab some teflon tape. At the most you should spend $20 here. When you get back home, put a small piece of the tape around the small pipe you initially took the sprinkler off of. Screw the new sprinkler head on there until it is tight. Turn on your sprinkler's for five minutes to make sure all of the dirt is cleared out, and then you are ready to use your sprinkler system whenever you need to again.

Broken hose?

If you have a broken water line, this is bit more of a stressful process, however still easy to do yourself. Pay attention to where the water is coming out of the ground. This may not be exactly where your line is broken, however start digging and it will lead you to the problem area. Turn off that water line so you can work with it. Check the diameter of the pipe and go to your local hardware store and purchase PVC pipe the same diameter width. Remove all dirt around the broken pipe, underneath the pipe and all. You should be able to comfortably fit your hand underneath the pipe and still have room. Use a PVC cutter to take out four to six inches where the leak is, and make sure you clean out all the mud and dirt possible. Measure how long of a pipe you will need to replace what you cut out, and leave at least another inch or so on the new pipe you are putting in. Place the sealant about an inch on each side of the PVC pipe. Connect the old and new PVC pipe, and make sure it is a perfect fit before you decide you are finished. Before putting the dirt back, turn on your water line and make sure that you fixed the problem. Once you realize you succeeded, you can place the dirt back where it was.