Water Conservation

Water Conservation with your Lawn Care is important for organic lawn care. Grass has an excellent chance of survival during drought seasons whenever it is properly maintained. Many regions in the states of enforced strict drought rules and regulations due to droughts. Things tend to get complicated whenever a drought restriction is mandated. Here, we have compiled a few ways you can help conserver water and still provide for your lawn.


Be sure to have an efficient annual lawn fertilizer task in place. Lawns that have the correct amount of nutrients tend to grow the roots deeper into the soil, thus having a better chance of survival during drought periods. Deeper grass roots also help kill off weeds.

Aerate your lawn.

Even if you are throwing on a pair of golf shoes and walking around your lawn, the aeration that you are performing is an excellent way to help the water penetrate your grass. This helps by breaking up the thatch layer, preventing run offs which waist water as well.

Mow higher.

Mowing your lawn at the highest possible setting will establish two excellent results for your grass. The first is deeper root system, and the second is less watering.

Water less.

Water your grass about every 2-3 days with around 2-3 inches of water each time. This also encourages a deeper root system and builds the tolerance needed to handle droughts.

Use sensors on sprinkler systems.

You should use sensors that measure rain and soil moisture to override your sprinkler system's schedule. This helps keep your lawn with the same amount of water every week while saving water based on how much it rains. If you don't have an automatic system, you can still get a timer that you can put on a faucet with a hose sprinkler. This will help keep from watering longer than you wish and wasting water.