How do weeds take over a lawn?

Lawn weeds can really destroy the image of your property. Everyone who has a lawn has to deal with them - and it can be a costly headache. In general a lawn weed is anything growing in your lawn that is not grass - or is unwanted. Weeds will contend with your grass for food and water - which if left unattended the weeds will take over.

So what causes weeds to spread throughout a lawn?

Wind. Any weed in your neighborhood can take root into your lawn due to the wind. It is just the way nature made things work. Your neighbors weeds can become your weed with one swift breeze. Seeds from other weeds can blow right into your lawn - even if you do not have any weeds. We can't control the wind so there is nothing that can prevent this from happening.

Water. Strong storms or streams can carry weed seeds similar to how the wind does. In a flash flood weed seeds can be carried to your lawn - with fresh water to start germinating. Again there is no much we can do to prevent this from happening.

Pets and other animals. Pets and other animals can venture into fields or wooded areas and carry weed seeds back onto your lawn. They can get caught in the fur and then fall into your turf grass. Birds can also carry weed seeds into your lawn.

People. If you or your family is active outdoors, you can very well bring weed seeds back to your lawn from outdoor adventures. People can also contribute to weeds by common things such as using hay after planting new grass seed, purchasing grass seed with to much a weed seed mixture, or even bird seed from an outdoor feeder.

BWeeds taking over lawn.

Preventing weeds from spreading into your lawn.

Cutting your grass at a higher height (3-3 1/2 inches) helps prevent weeds by allowing the grass to absorb more sunlight than the weeds (which they use as food). This makes the weeds weaker and allows the grass to win the war. Pre-emergent weed control fertilizers such as Scott's Turf Builder with Weed Prevention products are great to apply in the early spring when weed seed germination is at its peek. Sadly you can not do much to prevent the seeds from being carried into your lawn - but you can prevent them from germinating and becoming healthier than your turf grass.