How do I get rid of grubs?

How do I get rid of all the grubs in my lawn? I have tried Scotts Grub Control, but it does not seem to be working. Not sure what to do.

You could be applying the Scotts Grub control at the wrong time of the year. Grubs feed from July through October at the top of the soil. During the other seasons, they are deep in the soil. This would cause them to be unaffected by the Scotts Grub control.

Grubs will feed on the roots of your lawn grass, making the turf easily pulled back similiar to a carpet. Turf can survive some feeding. Less heavily watered turf should be scouted for grubs in early July. Peel back the grass. Just a couple grubs per square foot are not a problem to an otherwise healthy lawn. Ten or more per square foot are necessary to justify treatment.

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