Lawn is Hard and Full of Clay?

I have earth that's hard and full of clay. The problem is that I have little grass, lots of clover and areas of bald patches. Where do I start to get lush grass?

The first step in a lawn such as you describe is to have a soil test performed to find what needs to be added to the soil nutritionally. Grass does better in loamy soil than in hardpan. It may be best to till some rotted compost into the existing soil to make the soil more friable. You can do this at the same time as you add whatever the soil test shows as being necessary.

Once the soil is broken up, you can rake it smooth, and then plant your grass. Your county extension service is a good source of information on what grass does best in your locale. You can seed or sod, it matters in terms of time and money. Seeding is less expensive than sod, but takes time to establish a stand of grass. You should figure about two weeks of watering daily after seeding to give the seed a chance to germinate. Then maintain it for it to grow a couple of inches before the first mowing. Don\'t apply any chemicals until it has been mown at least three times. A healthy lawn is a product of proper mowing, feeding, and watering. As the turf thickens, it will become its own weed control. Watering deeply will encourage the development of deep roots to make the grass more tolerant of periods of drought.

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