I want a stripped lawn like Golf Courses.

I want to know how to get a checkered or striped lawn with just a 20-inch self-propelled push mower. I know if I mow left to right it works, but I want the stripes to be deeper and something that you can see well when driving by my house.

First you must have the proper equipment. The stripping you see on televised golf and baseball is done with a reel mower, not a rotary. A reel mower consists of a rotating reel cylinder equipped with blades and a stationary bed knife. The reel blades guide the leaves toward the bed knife, where they are cut by a shearing type action.

Mowing quality is in part a function of the sharpness of the cutting edges and proper adjustment of bed knife to reel. These mowers are expensive to purchase and to maintain. A new commercial grade mower used in the golf industry will go for about $4500. Even the cheap homeowner types go for around $1000. I would try to contact some of the local golf courses in your area and see if the have anything in their bone yards worth fixing up. As far as the Zyosia stripping, it will be difficult like Bermuda. Your best bet is to wait until fall and overseed your lawn with perennial rye grass at about 15 pounds per thousand square feet and use the reel mower to make outstanding stripes very easily.Second, to get the distinct stripe effect, you need cool season turf like bent or bluegrass. The only way to get warm season turf like Bermuda to stripe is to burn them in. What this means is to religiously mow the same direction in the same spots, forcing the grain of the grass to grow in opposite directions. It is a lot of work to have this high level of maintenance.

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