Does nitrogen help get rid of dollar spot disease?

Can I add nitrogen to my lawn to clear up Dollar Spot Disease?

Nitrogen and potassium levels in the soil have been reported to increase the severity of dollar spot. Some rather severe outbreaks of dollar spot have been brought under control by the application of soluble nitrogen fertilizer. However, the beneficial effect of nitrogen is thought to be due to rapid recovery of the grass during periods of reduced disease activity. Research has shown that nitrogen increases the susceptibility of grass to dollar spot. To get dollar spot back under control you will need to remove excess thatch, keep fertility levels adequate (maintain a healthy pH for your grass type) , avoid light and frequent watering, mow frequently and at recommended heights, and aerate compacted soil areas to allow proper oxygen flow. To prevent dollar spot apply a fungicide labeled for the disease at recommended rates and intervals. Early spring is the ideal time to apply the fungicide - as it is the moistest season.

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