Would grass seeds affect dogs?

I have moved into a house where the garden is just patches of grass and a lot of mud, would it be safe to put grass seeds down as i have 2 dogs? Also i have heard that female dog urine kills grass, is this true?

Grass seed is perfectly safe. We eat many grass seeds ourselves (though not the varieties of grass we choose to grow for lawns). They are not toxic.Yes, dog urine can kill grass, both male and female. Females tend to pee on the turf, males tend to favor bushes, so maybe the grass gets more pee from the females. But the pee has the same affect on the grass no matter who puts it down. Especially if the like to pee in the same place each time. You will see if thats happened, because you will get yellow patches of grass about 12 inches wide, where they go.

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