Mulch Calculator

Lego Services is proud to offer the Online Mulch Calculator to help you determine the materials needed for your next outdoor project.

Planning on laying some mulch? Not sure how much you are going to need? We have you covered. Measure the length and width of the area you need mulched, and then determine how thick you want to the mulch to be. Then enter the information below.

Once you hit the calculator button your Square Footage will be Calculated. From there you can determine if you will need Cubic Feet or Cubic Yards.

Not sure on the measurements? Fill out the Quick Contact form to the right and we will figure it out for you!

Topsoil Calculator

You can use the same Mulch Calculator below to calculate Topsoil needs ass well. Basically a Cubic Yard of Mulch is equal to a ton of Topsoil.

Enter Your Project Dimensions.

Length (feet):
Width (feet):
Depth (inch):