Our Customer Service Agreement

Whenever you first sign up with Lego Services Inc., you will be asked to sign this Service Agreement. From time to time we may update the service agreement. Instead of providing you with a new copy to sign, we will update the agreement on this web site. Any changes made to this web site apply to the customer service agreement that you originally signed.

The customer service agreement is provided to keep you the customer and us the service provider protected under all conditions.

Billing Agreement.

Invoices will be mailed via e-mail or paid postage within 72 hours of a service being completed. Customers will have a courtesy period of thirty (30) days from the invoice date to submit payment.

Accepted payment methods.

Lego Services Accepts Checks, Money Orders, Cash, and all Major Credit Cards / Debit Cards. All Checks and/or Money Orders need to be payable to Lego Services. Credit Card payments are only accepted on our web page (www.Legoservices.com). A $2.50 processing charge is applied to all Credit Card transactions.

Late Fees.

If an invoice is not paid in full within the 30 day grace period, a $25.00 late fee will be added to the past due invoice. After 37 days of non-payment all services will be halted and collections processes may begin.

Bounced Checks.

If a check fails to clear (bounces), a $30 dollar bounce fee will be added to your account. Late fees also apply to bounced check fees.

Billing Agreements are subject to change only if the Customer and Lego Services both agree to the billing terms.

Privacy Policy.

No personal or business information is ever sold, shared, or discussed unless otherwise ordered by legitimate legal court orders.


Lego Services will attempt to accommodate work schedule requests by the customer to the highest extent possible. Should any personnel or equipment of Lego Services be unable to perform scheduled services because of illness, equipment failure, resignation, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of Lego Services, Lego Services will try to replace personnel / equipment within a reasonable time, however Lego Services will not be held responsible for failure if unable to do so.


Delays due to inclement weather may happen. In the event a project is delayed due to inclement weather Lego Services LLC will not be held responsible. We will make best effort to get your project completed as soon as possible but weather related events are not in our control.

Please keep in mind, if your allocated time was interrupted by inclement weather, someone else was more than likely interrupted as well. Lego Services will perform at the best of our abilities to get everyone involved back on the right schedule.

Service Termination.

The Client or Lego Services may terminate this agreement and any future work under the following conditions:

  • Both parties mutually agree to terminate the services.
  • One party may terminate this agreement unilaterally if the other party materially or repeatedly defaults in performance in any of its duties or obligations.

If you are not satisfied with a service performed by Lego Services it is our desire to make this service right free of charge. However if it is your desire to terminate services from the set date forward, we understand and will give full cooperation in the matter.


If you would prefer a full refund for a service provided, it is acceptable under the following conditions.

  • The service was not completed within the scheduled time frame or within 1 week due to delay circumstances.
  • Total Dissatisfaction of service.

If you are completely dissatisfied with the service performed, please contact Lego Services as soon as possible. We will come to your property and inspect the service that you are dissatisfied with within 72 hours. We will then re-do the service to your expectations free of charge. If you still desire to have a refund after the re-service, a full refund will be issued with the last service performed.

Please note that expectations not previously outline in the formal estimate or description/scope of work will not warrant a refund. The service that a refund is being requested must be a service agreed upon outline in the final estimate that was agreed to.

Lego Services refunds include the labor charges for the service performed. If special products or supplies were purchased for the service, those items are returnable at the respectable vendor. Not by Lego Services. Any specially ordered products or supplies are non-refundable by Lego Services.

If you do not contact Lego Services about the service you are not pleased with within three (3) days, a full refund will not be issued.

Property Damage.

If an event occurs where a customer's property is damaged while a service is being performed, the damage will be promptly brought to the customers attention. If the damage is minor and reparable by Lego Services it will be repaired to the customer's expectations and paid for by Lego Services. If the damages exceeds the financial capabilities of Lego Services the damage will be promptly reported to Lego Service's insurance company and will be processed accordingly.

It is the customer responsibility to remove items from the lawn. If toys, pet leashes, and similar items are left in the lawn and are run over / destroyed, this is not Lego Services responsibility and will not be replaced. Please remove all items from your lawn before your scheduled service date.

Personal Injury.

In the event that an employee of Lego Services becomes injured while performing services on your property, you as the customer are not to be held liable in any such occurring incidents. Personal injuries to employees injured while performing services will be handled by Lego Services and the employee. The customer will not be brought into the matter.