New Lawn Installation and Turf Filling Services

Installing and Repairing in Altoona, Hollidaysburg, Duncansville, Roaring Spring, Bellwood, Tipton, and Tyrone.

Starting a Lawn or Adding Grass Seed to your lawn is not as easy as everyone makes it out to be. Throwing seed down and expecting results does not always work the way we hope. Why didn't the seed grow? Is it a shady area? Is it high in traffic? What about the moisture? All of these play a key factor when deciding what kind of lawn grass you want to grow. Lego Services has been Planting and Growing Grass Seed for years and we know the details that lead to success.

Key Factors to take into Consideration:

  • What is the best seed for my environment?
  • When is the best time to lay grass seed?
  • What do I need to complete during the germination process?

Our seeding process:

Lego Services always performs an analysis of the area that needs seeded. We take in the key factors of pH levels, shade, moisture, weed presence. We do not make decisions the same day, we do our research. We find the best solution for your environment. Once the seed is selected, we watch the weather for optimal growing climates. Our process includes:

  • Aerating or Cultivating the area to ensure oxygen penetration and loose soil.
  • Starter fertilizer application to ensure nutrition.
  • Grass seed spread evenly across the area.
  • Pressed with a lawn roller or device to ensure seed to soil contact.
  • Covered with protectant material or straw.

Soding Services are also Available - Call for Details.