Decorative Gravel and Shale Products

From River Stone to Artic White and Pearl Pebble

Save money and time by purchasing Decorative Gravel. It lasts what seems forever. No more turning or refreshing mulch beds for years to come. Lay down fabric below the gravel product and never deal with out of controls weeds again.

All Decorative Gravel Installation Services include Cleaning, Weeding, and Redefining of the existing bed.

Interested in Installing a New Bed? We remove the existing turf, spray the area for grass and weeds, lay Landscape Fabric, and create a new Edge for the bed.

Wide Selection of Landscape Gravel Products

Decorative Gravel
  1. Pearl Pebble 2.00
  2. Pearl Pebble 3/4
  3. Artic White
  4. Barn Red 3/4
  5. Barn Red 3/8
  6. River Rock Pea Gravel
  7. River Rock Round
  8. River Rock Special
  9. River Rock Oversized

Prices do not include installation, delivery only.

Don't see the style of Decorative Stone you are looking for? Don't worry, we may still be able to find it. Just Ask!

Decorative Stone with Landscape Fabric - Tough Weed Control!

Sure, Landscape Fabrics with Mulch help control weeds - but Decorative Gravel on top of Fabric? Worrying about weeds becomes a thing of the past!

Regular Shale Products

  • Clean Shale
  • Crushers Run
  • Crushed LimeStone
  • Shale Dust
  • Dirty Shale with Clay

How Much Do You Need

Check out our online Mulch Calculator - Online Mulch Calculator. 1 Cubic Yard is normally equal to one ton of decorative gravel.