Organic, chemical, and mechanical weed control services

All Weed Removal and Spray Services are Guaranteed. If the weeds are not gone, neither are we - with no additional fee.

Organic weed control for Your lawn.

Although Organic Weed Control consists of organic sprays, fertilizers with pre-eminent weed control, etc. we also like to make aware to our customers of long-term organic methods that while at first may take longer to see and gain the desired results, but over time provide environment friendly long lasting weed control.

Commercial Weed Control and Prevention

Lego Services provides Commercial Weed Control and Prevention. We are fully Insured, Licensed, and follow strong Safety Measures to ensure the job is done correctly, and more importantly safely. The best part - we do not charge high commercial prices. Find out more by calling or using the online contact form.

Chemical Weed Control - Sprays

Lego Services offers Chemical Weed Control Sprays that range from full vegetation killing to specific species targeted. From Creeping Charlie, Crab Grass, to Dandelions. Poison Ivy or Poison Sumac, we have the product designed to remove what does not belong.

All spray is Guaranteed. You pay once and the rest is up to us.

Common Pennsylvania Weeds

Listed bellow are a few common weeds that you may discover in your lawn or on your property. We also provide Full Lawn Weed Control Programs that include Weed and Feed Fertilizers and Organic Feeds. Remember, healthy soil means healthy grass. Healthy Grass Means Less Weeds. Let's work together and keep your lawn thick and lush!

Grassy Weed Removal

Grassy weeds look like Grass. In fact, that is what they are, but they are considered invasive weeds when they crop up in your lawn. Grassy weeds have hollow, rounded stems with small flowers and parallel veins on the leaves. Grassy weed types include annual grasses such as crab grass, goose grass, barnyard grass, fall panicum, and yellow foxtail.

Sedge Weed Control

Sedge weeds also look and grow like just like grass; however, they are not grass, they are weeds. Sedge weeds have solid un-jointed stems and are usually found in marshes and bogs. The reason it is important to separate these weeds from true grass is that most herbicides for grassy weed control don't work on sedge weeds. These types of weeds are one of the hardest weeds to control, are rapidly growing and aggressive, and can take over a lawn. Some common sedge weeds are yellow and purple nut sedge, wild onion or garlic, and Star of Bethlehem. These weeds can be annual or perennial.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Broadleaf Weeds are the most common type of weed found in Gardens. They have broad leaves that are wide and flat; veins in the leaves are net-like. Broadleaf weeds include dandelions, ground ivy, white clover, chick weeds, carpet weed, and violets. They are one of the most common weeds in Pennsylvania.