Lawn Repair and Restoration Services

Lawn Patch and Bare Spot Repair

Sometimes no matter what you try it may feel like you are just wasting your money. Stop the frustration and give us a call. We guarantee our Lawn Seeding Services. Whether it is a patch repair or a completely new lawn, we don't stop until it is as thick and lush as you are promised - without asking for any additional fees.

Quality Grass Seed

We take our Grass Seed very serious. If you want a Healthy Lawn, you have to start with high quality seed. Of course there are different variations of grass seed, but there are also different quality levels in each mix. Lego Services only plants high quality seed mix's that contain the lowest amount of weed seed as possible. We are so sure of our Seeding Services we Guarantee it to grow. After the first seeding, it is free until it is green.

Bare Patch Repair Process

  1. Rake and remove any debris or dead grass from the area.
  2. Aerate the soil with a hard toothed a garden cultivator.
  3. Add approximately 1-2 inches of soil or compost.
  4. Spread seed evenly across the area. Thick enough to cover the surface but no so thick that the seeds pile up on top of each other.
  5. Mix in a Starter Fertilizer.
  6. Slightly mix the Seed and Fertilizer into the new Soil.
  7. Lightly water the area. Seeds need to be moist throughout the day until they reach approximately 1 inch in height.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy with Organic and Chemical Feedings

  • Over-Seeding
  • Fertilizer Applications
  • Weed Control
  • Disease Control
  • Dethatching
  • Organic Lawn Care Methods

Is Your Lawn Full of Broadleaf, Crab Grass and Other Unwanted Weeds?

Our Fertilization, Weed and Feed, and Organic Turf Building solutions along with Over Seeding, Core Aeration, and Lawn De-Thatching services will turn your weed riddled lawn into the envy of the neighborhood.

We also practice Organic Weed Control during everyone routine Lawn Care Visit. Small things like cutting at a height of 3" and light mulching are natural, free, and proven methods to help keep weeds down in your lawn.