Screened Topsoil, Fill Soil and Mushroom Compost Soil

Delivery in the Altoona and Entire Blair County Area

Lego Services has Screened Topsoil, Mushroom Compost, and Fill (Non-Screened) Soil available for delivery and property maintenance needs. We can spread or deliver, whichever you prefer!

What Kind of Soil Do You Need?

Screen Topsoil is ideal for planting grass or leveling your yard out. All clumps, rocks, and unwanted debris are screened out so you are purchasing Premium Quality Topsoil that is ready to go for your project.

Mushroom Soil, if of high quality, is great for various gardens, turf grasses, and vegetables. Low quality Mushroom Compost is high in soluble salts which can damage ground covers and some turf grass. Mushroom Compost or Soil is a mixture of agricultural materials, such as straw from horse stables, hay, poultry litter, ground corn cobs, cottonseed hulls, cocoa shells, peat moss, and other natural organic substances. These products are formed into a rich organic compost. The best practice for using Mushroom Soil is to spread evenly at a depth of one to three inches in thickness. Till or mix the compost into topsoil to further dilute the soluble salt levels and prevent chances of plant damage.

Fill Soil or Non-Screened Topsoil is perfect to fill in holes, build up banks or other various projects that require a-lot of organic ground fill. The quality is not as high as the screened soil, but if you are looking for a ground fill the low price makes this the product you are searching for.

Top Soil and Mushroom Compost Pricing

  • Screened Topsoil
  • Premium Mushroom Soil
  • Filling Soil, Not Screened

Due to the constant change in vendor pricing please contact us for more information and specific pricing.

Blair County Soil Delivery Information & Pricing

Lego Services can Deliver, Spread and Seed topsoil for you depending on your situation and needs. Our Delivery Areas are listed below:

  • Altoona Delivery
  • Hollidaysburg Delivery
  • Duncansville Delivery
  • Bellwood Delivery
  • Tryone Delivery

Prices do vary in various situations, time schedules and locations. Be sure to contact us for exact pricing information.

How Much Topsoil Do You Need?

Do you know you need soil, just not sure how much you need? Don't worry about calling someone, just take a few measurements and check out our Material Calculator below. We designed it to be quick, easy and accurate. Check it out!

Material Calculator - Online Material Calculator.